Lithuania, as the rest of the world, is facing threats of Covid-19 virus. Nursery-school RŪTA is based in a very beautiful and green town of Marijampolė. Our personnel and kindergarteners are currently working with pupils remotely. We are pleased with a large number of initiatives which brings pupils, their parents and community together whilst still in quarantine.

We, Ms. Daiva and Ms. Rasa, are kindergarteners at pre-school group PELĖDŽIUKAI (Eng. Owlet). We would like to share our joyful experience in pre-school education field gained over many years. During this difficult period we realised that children’s mental health as well depends on kindergarteners’ creative ideas, parents benevolent support, siblings joy and help whilst completing tasks by various methods: dancing, singing, appliqueing, drawing, painting, versifying poetry and telling, emotional exercise breaks and outdoors activities. We took part in initiative FLOWERS IN THE WINDOWS FOR MEDICS organized by Lithuanian actress Nijolė Narmontaitė, also contributed to the exhibition STAY UNITED organized by library DRAUGYSTĖ, which was additional to the initiative RAISE A FLAG organised by Lithuanian National Television. Drawings and paintings from our pupil were exhibited in the national and international exhibitions. Please celebrate the joy of preschool group PELĖDŽIUKAI at Marijampolė’s Nursery-school RŪTA.

Prepared by Ms Daiva Brazaitienė, the kindergartener at Nursery-school RŪTA.

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